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Skill Councils & Missions

Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) are autonomous bodes tasked with the development of skill ecosystem across the country. They make sure the training should align with the industry needs and demands.

Testkit, in its first 2-years of its existance, assessed nearly twenty thousand candidates on our online examination platform. Our assessment platform is AI-proctored to ensure the assessments are fairly conducted.
We have been emplaned in the following sectors:
1. Tourism & Hospitality
2. Electronics Manufacturing
3. Healthcare
We are also serving Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation.


Our end-to-end cloud-based E-examination solution suits colleges/universities and schools for their entrance and academic examinations.
Why choose our E-examination platform?
1. Cloud based solution
2. AI-driven proctoring
3. Real-time monitoring
4. Date Security

Live Trainings

We offer remote training/class infrastructure through our Live Training Platform. Our solution is distributed over Web and Android platforms.

Corporate Hiring Solution

Testkit provides online solutions to hire the right candidates for the right job. Our assessment platform provides corporate assessment services that help to find the right resources with relevant skills for the success of your organization.