About Us.

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Testkit Pvt Ltd
Testkit Pvt Ltd

Who we are.

Testkit Skills Pvt. Ltd. is an online, AI driven assessment agency provides assessment solutions for Government & Enterprises to assess student/candidate to ascertain their skill levels in line with the relevant examinations or the parameters defined by relevant authorities and agencies.

Started in 2016 with the name of Pipal Plus to provide online solution for educational institutions. Since then has served more the 150 plus academies across the country along with Sector Skill Councils and has assessed more than one lakh students/candidates.

Testkit Pvt Ltd

Our Mission

Testkit has been established with the objective of enabling organizations, government bodies and agencies to conduct candidate assessments to ascertain their skill levels in line with the parameters defined by the respective Skill Councils, relevant authorities & agencies and other skills and upgradation courses.

Our Vision

By 2029, Testkit aims to become India’s leading assessor in aptitude and skills.